SOTE Real Estate Investment Self-Assessment

This assessment is designed to evaluate which type(s) of real estate investing might be a good fit for you. It’s based upon your strengths, weaknesses, preferences, skills, goals, and personal characteristics. Make your choices based upon where you are in your life right now, and be honest! Our hope is that you will be self-reflective and use this tool to consider where to start in your real estate investing (REI) journey. As you begin learning, we recommend that you choose one strategy to start with. As you become more experienced as an investor, you can always explore multiple strategies.

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Kim Cerrato, Chief Activator

A personal mentor and real estate investment coach.

Kim Cerrato is the Chief Visionary behind Step Off the Edge in Real Estate Investing. She teaches real estate investing through a holistic lens, focusing on sound knowledge of REI strategy, integrity-based business smarts, and personal transformation.

Kim’s unique background across several different business fields has propelled her forward into sharing her passion for real estate investing and financial freedom. Kim has owned construction and landscaping companies, and has a wealth of experience in banking, financial transactions, and mortgage brokerage. In addition to launching her groundbreaking educational program, Kim owns a successful IT consulting company, co-owns a successful real estate investing business where she has worked in private real estate investing since 2003, and is a licensed Florida Realtor. She especially loves rehabbing neglected houses to bring new life into her local communities and uses the funds she draws from these projects to buy cash flowing rental properties to enhance her wealth.