SOTE Real Estate Investment Self-Assessment

This assessment is designed to evaluate which type(s) of real estate investing might be a good fit for you. It’s based upon your strengths, weaknesses, preferences, skills, goals, and personal characteristics. Make your choices based upon where you are in your life right now, and be honest! Our hope is that you will be self-reflective and use this tool to consider where to start in your real estate investing (REI) journey. As you begin learning, we recommend that you choose one strategy to start with. As you become more experienced as an investor, you can always explore multiple strategies.

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This assessment is based on a range of five real estate investing strategies. Brief descriptions of each are listed below.

A process of finding deeply discounted properties and reselling them for a profit.

A process of finding a house that needs work, buying it at a discount, fixing it up, and then reselling for a profit.

Renting properties that you own out to tenants in order to bring in a monthly cash flow. Also called “buy and hold.”

Private Lending:
A process of lending out a sum of your money to a trustworthy borrower for a certain amount of time at a preset interest rate. Your loan will be secured by a property.

Purchasing Tax Certificates:
The purchase of an unpaid property tax certificate from a county or municipality. Most counties sell these yearly at an auction, and prospective purchasers can bid on the interest rate they’re willing to accept.